Staying out of trouble in Mexico.

Treat others with basic respect.

  1. Don’t be an asshole. Surprisingly enough, this has to be said because there is always that one guy.
  2. Be courteous, it’s more genuine than “Hola, chinga tu madre,” even if you’re having fun with it. Be humble and listen instead of jumping to conclusions that your new friend from Mazatlan is totally fine with you disrespecting their mother Sometimes these presumptions will annoy people in Mexico. I think it goes without saying that could potentially get you in trouble in any country.
  3. Tip almost everybody. It doesn’t matter how much it is. For example, Tip 10-20 pesos for someone like a doorman. 15% for servers etc. These people live off their tips, making minimum wage in Mexico. This is ESPECIALLY TRUE FOR MAZATLAN. It is one of the lowest-paid areas in the country for the same services. In conclusion under the current exchange rate they are making $8.62 for an 8-hour workday.

How to safely enjoy the nightclubs and protect your wallet.

  1. An excellent way to manage your bill is to pay as you go. If you go to the nightclubs, ask for prices upfront before ordering anything. Do not leave an open tab. If you do, make sure you keep track of everything ordered. It is common for the waitstaff to raise the prices on you and or add items not ordered to the bill. They keep the extra money as tips. I can’t tell you how many times this has happened during my stay here. It’s almost a routine event if we have four or more people.
  2. Help count the bill total and calculate the tip. A lot of the waitstaff will walk away from you with the tab and count it at the registrar. They will then come back with a circled number which they ask you to pay. They will tell you this also includes the tip. A 20% tip if you don’t ask or check. This quickly adds up when you have a good amount of people. Instead ask them to see the bill and infront of them calculate the tip. A normal 15% is a decent tip for GOOD service. If they didn’t provide a good service a 10% tip is just fine. Most Mexicans will tip 10%

Enjoying the “Adult Entertainment” available.

  1. Suppose you are one of those guys that like the adult entertainment nightlife. Suppose you end up going to one of the adult entertainment locations. Be it a casa de citas, strip club, masajes whatever. Expect to tip on top of the service fees. Do not invite these women to stay with you. If you happen to invite one and she agrees, go to a separate motel where none of your belongings are. A lot of them will steal from you when you least expect it. Mitigate your risk and enjoy yourself.
  2. Be wary of your wallet. You will get a lot of sad stories. Family members are sick, can’t work, etc. No money for food, can you spare some. Unless you know these people directly, please don’t give them anything. Once you do, a lot more people will start asking. Don’t loan money at all. If you do loan anything, look at it as a gift. Chances are you will never see it again.

Dealing with the authorities.

  1. Remember this order: Transitos, Municipales, Estatales, Federalies, Guardia Nacional, Ejercito, Marines, Cartel. This is the least powerful agency to most powerful. The more powerful the agency the less likely you are getting out of whatever trouble you are in.
  2. If you are detained by the police or any other type of officials, speak to them in English. It benefits you that you don’t understand Spanish. They usually want money, and it’s not a lot 200 pesos is generally the going rate. Offer it to them by saying it’s “para las cocas” If they ask for more than $200 pesos, ask them what you did wrong. If they don’t have anything to charge you with, don’t give them more money. If you get busted doing something up the anti to $500. Often the fine is less than the amount they will ask of you.
  3. Last but not least. Do not have sex on the beach. If you get caught, your probably going to receive a slight beating. It depends on who catches you. If it’s the marines, you’re probably pretty screwed. John if you end up reading this… How them calves feeling buddy?

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